The #1 jeeter juice company in the world is officially in California! We’re excited to expand into the Grand Canyon state and share the Jeeter lifestyle with another passionate community. Find out which dispensaries nearest you have our products below.

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Two million Jeeters “jeeter juice”  are smoked in a month in California. The brand Jeeter is beloved in the largest legal cannabis market in the country. So beloved, in fact, that it’s the only cannabis preroll brand that has become its own name. People don’t call these “prerolls”—they call them “Jeeters. “

Jeeter is run by a close-knit crew of friends who have been working together for 15 years. “It’s a family,” says Lukasz Tracz, who is the co-Founder and co-CEO alongside Sebastian Solano. Other founding members include Scot Garrambone, Chief Financial Officer, David Solano, Chief Sales Officer, and Peter Dimirov, Chief Product Officer. In addition to the founding crew are team members Patryk Tracz, VP of Marketing, and Emir Duru, with the coveted role of Vibes Director. The entrepreneurs hail from the entertainment industry. They are also the founders of a beloved string of EDM events including the paint-throwing extravaganza Life In Color, Electric Zoo, and Tomorrowland.

The name Jeeter was coined in Florida in 2004 as slang for a joint, says Tracz. The brand launched in California in 2018. DreamFields, also founded in California, is the parent company of Jeeter. Alongside its prerolls and infused prerolls, Jeeter produces vapes with oil and live resin. Selling its flower in bud-form is on the horizon.


What is Jeeter brand cannabis?

JEETER “jeeter juice” was born in the city & suburban streets of South Florida. The name “Jeeter” was a catchy slang within the local culture that was the alternative name for a joint. The slogan was quickly coined, “Pass the Jeeter” and became common language to our crew!

Fast forward to a decade later and we have brought Jeeter to life in the California cannabis markets. Based out of Desert Hot Springs and built on nostalgic memories, Jeeter is now one of the leading pre-roll brands in California.



Jeeter makes infused preroll, vape cartridge, preroll, , vape pen, sauce cannabis products. Jeeter is known for strains like Mai Tai, Durban Poison, Gelato #33, Grape Ape, Maui Wowie, Strawberry Shortcake, Tropicana Cookies, Banana Kush, Gelato, Purple Punch, Strawberry Cheesecake, Super Lemon Haze, Tangie, Grapefruit Romulan, Motor Breath, Zkittles, Grease Monkey, Ultraviolet OG, Watermelon Zkittlez, Thin Mint Cookies, Blue Zkittlez, Limoncello, Fire OG, Zkittlez, Agent Orange Infused XL, Blueberry Kush, Peach Ringz, Apple Fritter, Horchata, Glazed Apricot, SFV OG, OG Kush, Jet Fuel, Orange Soda, Animal Mints, Peanut Butter Cup, Jack Herer, Banana Mac, Kush Mintz, Mimosa, Cherry Punch, Runtz, Cookies & Cream, Cookies, Butter Og, Chemdawg, Peach Cobbler, Sherbert, Mango Sherbet.

If you want to buy Jeeter online from a dispensary near me, there might be some on the shelves here One Plant Atwater, One Plant Salinas, CHAI Cannabis Co, The Farmacy Westwood, Mission Organic Center, A Green Alternative, Sunset Pipeline Cannabis Dispensary.

If you want Jeeter delivery near me, check around cities including Merced, Turlock, Modesto, Salinas, Seaside, Gilroy, Santa Cruz, Daly City, Menlo Park, Pacifica, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Carlsbad, San Diego, El Cajon, Escondido, Oceanside, Vista, San Francisco.

How can I get Jeeter brand cannabis near me?

Jeeter’s” jeeter juice” availability depends on your area. We will list their products here as we find them. You might find goods like those made by Jeeter on hempshop an online dispensary. On hempshop you can buy weed online with a credit card and have it come to your house.


Jeeter juice produces 3 distinct kinds of joints for the California market: the Baby Jeeter, the 1g Jeeter, and the Jeeter XL. The Baby Jeeter is, unsurprisingly, the smallest pre-roll on offer. Each pack contains 5 small pre-rolls packed to the brim with 0.5g of top-shelf flower that is infused with cannabis distillate for a mind-blowing extra punch. Watch out for these little guys, size can be deceiving!

The 1g Jeeter features a gram of Jeeter’s locally sourced premium cannabis flower. This joint comes in regular form, and two different infused formats: infused with distillate, or infused with distillate and kief. The infused forms can burn for as long as 15 minutes, making them great for enjoying with friends!

The Jeeter XL is probably the nicest joint you will ever smoke. Each XL joint is packed with 2 grams of flower infused with distillate oil and is dusted with kief. Carefully handcrafted and featuring a glass tip for a smoother smoking experience, the Jeeter XL is simply luscious.


Jeeter juice has quickly become one of the leading pre-roll brands in California. Thanks to its commitment to sourcing high-quality cannabis flower and rolling some of the best joints around, Jeeter is now recognized state-wide as a producer of premium, award-winning pre-rolls. Since its inception, Jeeter has produced and sold nearly 1.5 million top-shelf pre-rolled joints in California alone.
The term ‘jeeter’ originated in South Florida, where it was often used as street slang when referring to a joint. The Jeeter crew has now “passed the jeeter” to California by bringing that South Florida cannabis culture to the Golden State. Based out of Desert Hot Springs, CA, Jeeter still embodies the bold, unique, and unapologetic South Florida culture that birthed it.

Just What Makes These Jeeters So Special?

Jeeter pre-rolls are loaded with locally sourced premium cannabis flower that is sure to make your mouth water. Not only that, but their high-potency infused joints are packed with high-purity THC distillate and sparkling kief crystals that add up to over 30% THC per joint.

Besides their soaring levels of THC, Jeeter joints are also expertly handcrafted to produce a fine smoke and can be incredibly long-lasting (infused) or incredibly smooth (glass-tipped XL). From Grapefruit Romulan to Blue Zkittles, each strain is carefully chosen to produce delicious flavors that enhance the smoking experience. 
If you’re looking for an exquisite cannabis smoking experience, you can’t go wrong with a Jeeter!

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